Visual identity
Exhibition design
Environment design


National Gallery Singapore


1,700 sqm


Temporary Exhibition


National Gallery Singapore


02/2018 – 06/2018



Personifying movement into visible personas

The inaugural Gallery Children’s Festival invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through a wondrous world of art. Discover art through body movement as you navigate obstacles, compose melodies, scribble your hopes and fears on wings, and follow the path of the sun.

Supplementary to the journey, an educational art-pack is utilized to enhance the visitor’s journey. It contains activity cards that invites visitors to ponder and participate with the various exhibition spaces through hands-on activities that ranges from creating your own friendship bracelet with the rays of the sun, to building your own Kaleidoscope and changing your perception of the exhibition. The consideration to keep art-pack purely analogue was to re-emphasize the key messaging of engaging the body to experience art.

Synergistic qualities between exhibition layout and the visual identity were also brought about by identifying body postures and movements participants would form when interacting with the installation. Through this process of personifying movement into visible personas, we successfully created characters that served a dual purpose of visible markers to guide visitors to an installation/exhibition space as well brand the overall visual communication of the festival’s theme to discover art through body movement.

It is with all these elements each visit becomes a unique experience, encouraged to be led by his/her own imagination to form a narrative that remains within the individual reminding visitors to be bold in making your own choices, that dreams has the power to overcome hurdles of everyday life.