Private commission


Multi-label concept store


Mandarin Gallery, Singapore




09/2018 – 12/2018


115 sqm


Flo Design

Photo Credits

Fabian Ong

The design combines North Africa’s tradition with modernity.

Inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakesh, Morocco and the client’s origin, the design of the new store combines North Africa’s tradition with modernity. As compared to the previous store also designed by WY-TO, the new store has a much softer approach in terms of the design and colour palette. A mix of Sand, Yellow and Cream is applied throughout the space while Red and Gold are applied to the feature elements.

Starting with the feature entrance, customers will enter a series of arches that are lighted, with a lacquered flooring to reflect the lighting which creates a tunnel effect. The inspiration behind the feature entrance is the Touareg tent, however with a play of geometry morphing from a square to a triangle.

Moving on, the customers will enter the main shop floor consisting of the new product hanging bars and reused display plinths. These furniture are not fixed to the ground to allow flexibility and are also a nod to the nomadic lifestyle in some parts of North Africa.

The multi-usage cashier counter is a cast-in-situ concrete counter with red pigment infused. In order to achieve this, different moulds are created around the carcass of the counter cabinetry and the concrete mixture poured over. It then takes a few days for the mixture to dry and the different moulds removed. The product is a block of stone with uneven surfaces similar to the big rocks found in the Sahara. As a tribute to this uncommon construction, parts of the wooden moulds are kept and displayed as an installation by the window display.

Last but not least, the display wall is built using extra display plinths from the previous store not just as a sustainable approach, but also as a cost-effective solution. By stacking the different lengths of plinths, different pockets are created for products to be displayed. Some of the pockets are equipped with mirror backing for products that need the reflection of the customers.