Private commission


F&B outlet


Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore


SPA Esprit Group


02/2018 – 06/2018


130 sqm


jtech interior

Photo Credits

Fabian Ong

Create a sense of neighbourliness and sincerity

With the first outlet at Tiong Bahru in 2012, the brand has expanded quickly with five outlets. Its latest is designed by WY-TO and inspired by Chip Bee Garden’s rustic charm.

The design went through a few iterations to achieve a concept that would make it look as if it has always been there and resonates with the history of this estate built in the 1950s. The aim was to create a sense of neighbourliness and sincerity.

WY-TO transformed the 130m2 space by using concrete flooring, wood finished customized glossy wall tiles and a bold wall mural by local artist Y/X based on the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” proverb of the three wise monkeys. The outlet is filled with abundant natural light filtered through the façade, which is made of a mix of square glass panels, glass doors and oversized signage.

A key feature of this outlet is the express takeaway lane. Air-conditioned outlets usually lose connection with the outside world, but having an express lane outside retains the sense of proximity and connection. Busy customers can now enjoy a coffee and croissant fix on the go.

Freshly-baked croissants fill the indoor space with a comforting scent and elevate the delightful dining experience. Customers feel at ease in this warm and homely interior, which is stylized by vintage objects and art-deco inspired bespoke furniture. The outdoor alfresco counter, long tables and vibrant red and green cove seating were designed especially for those who love to watch the world go by.