Public building


Mixed-use, Social and Private housing


Ciwidey, Bandung, Indonesia


02/2017 – 08/2017


Public school for kids with special needs

Archipelago School campus showcases the bio-diversity of the Javanese ecosystem

Archipelago School is a community-integrated campus, designed to educate the conservationists of tomorrow. Students, teachers, staff and the local community share an environment where they discover, learn and work towards living purposeful lives.

Leveraging principles of traditional Javanese architecture, Archipelago School seamlessly embeds itself into the canopy of native trees of the Javanese natural environment. The school’s diverse programs, such as art, cooking, sports, adventure, faith and performance, are separated and distributed throughout the natural surroundings to minimise the School’s impact on it’s environment.
Archipelago School campus showcases the bio-diversity of the Javanese ecosystem. Its dispersed design provides opportunities for flora and fauna to flourish within the very fabric of the campus; providing an active learning environment. Students are able to observe the cycles of life; instilling the students with open minds, hearts and a love for our natural surroundings.

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