Private commission


Goethe-Institut, Singapore




Multipurpose Gallery & Event space




11/2020 – 03/2021

Sound Engineer

Auxilio Studio


Just Build Pte Ltd


Yann Follain, Adam Yoon

Wall Mural Artist
Photographer’s Credit

Goethe-Institut Singapore

An open space for valuable and meaningful encounters between people through the arts

Independent art spaces play a crucial role in the development of the arts in Singapore. They offer a physical space for artists in a dense urban environment. This is why we were thrilled when the Goethe-Institut reached out to us to redesign their existing Library as a new open Event Space for valuable and meaningful encounters between people through art.

The existing Library is located in a basement of a shophouse and suffered from a cramped layout. Moisture seeping in from the surrounding soil had also caused numerous damages to the carpentry and books.

In response to these conditions, existing walls are knocked down and the storage room size was reduced to provide a more generous layout for the new Gallery. The open-plan also contributes to improved airflow and humidity control within the space.

To facilitate a more flexible functionality, museum-grade partition walls are erected along the perimeter. A bookshelf cabinet and multimedia Smart TV unit were set up at either end of the Gallery. These are concealed behind large sliding partition walls that double up as additional space to mount artworks.

Together with Auxilio Studio, multimedia enhancements are made to accommodate a range of activities. Individually controllable Linear and RGB Track Lights, and a state-of-the-art sound system are installed to cater to the Gallery’s requirement of a flexible lighting and sound system for a variety of event types. Functioning hinges and up-to-date equipment are re-used and re-purposed for sustainability and practical concerns.

A monochromatic blue colour applied to the Pantry provides a unique design element for the Gallery. Local artist, Rizman Putra, was also engaged by the Goethe-Institut to create a ceiling-to-floor mural piece at the entrance landing to set the new interior’s exciting creative energy.

The resultant design is one that successfully repurposes existing properties and carefully considers the environment to create an atmosphere that is open, welcoming, and robust to natural elements.