Invited Tender (Winning Proposal)


Exhibition Design
Interpretive Design
Graphic Design


Keppel Centre for Art Education, National Gallery Singapore


National Gallery Singapore


01/2023 – 12/2023


1,500 sqm


Robin Wood Pte Ltd

Photographer’s Credit:

National Gallery Singapore


Yann Follain, Aditya Rosli, Feranda Chua, Catherine Ng (Graphics), Jiayi Fan, Jaminah Arrizza

A colourful reimagination of possibilities

The revamp of the Keppel Centre for Art Education brings together research on early childhood development with experiential design for all.

Other than prior literature, the narrative of the space is the result of close collaboration with educators and consultants in Early Childhood and Special Needs. Focus group discussions with different tiers of stakeholders also facilitated the spatial programming and engagement design.

Space characteristics are then incorporated through these symbolic qualities – emotive spark, uplifting energy and limitless imagination. With that regard, nooks are designed for the role reversal of children and adults in the spirit of encouraging child-led exploration. Colours and forms, while generously used, are well-balanced to pace the experience for the diversity of children’s learning and playing needs. Gentler curves and streamlined colour variations are used for temporary pauses. Assorted tactile touch at more active zones encourages coordination of human senses.

The continuous streak of spaces communicates wonderment at every turn. Additionally, the seamless connection brings forth a permissive atmosphere for an inclusive place, improved accessibility for younger families, mobility modes and supporting programming demands for temporary events all year round.