Direct Commission


Exhibition and Graphic Design


Surakarta, Java, Indonesia


Museum Bank Indonesia


10/2017 – 12/2018 (Jakarta)
06/2018 – 12/2020 (Surakarta)

The potential of placing the institution on the international scale of museums is becoming crucial to strengthen the idea of the national identity among other countries. As a public place, museums have the strategic function to educate the people through interactive exhibits and contents of the numismatic collections. The utilisation of new multimedia technology plays an important part to attract new audiences and fostering an understanding of complex subject matters.

Using vibrant colours and bold graphics to give the Museum Bank of Indonesia a reinvigorate look, the wayfinding and infographics are cleverly translated into easy to understand and playful images that gives visitors a sense of excitement to explore the museum and discover little visual surprises along the journey as they learn about the long-standing history and the impact of the Bank in the region.