Private commission


Beauty outlet


Ion, Singapore


SPA Esprit Group


08/2017-  12/2017


165 sqm


Bio Design

The monolithic volume appears as a futuristic vessel

Waxing studio Strip and brow-grooming salon Browhaus are all about the “journey to beautification”. Present internationally, this Singaporean flagship outlet in the iconic shopping mall of Ion on Orchard Road offers a unique journey through the brand history.

The monolithic volume with faceted coloured edges – The Jewel Box – appears from the mall as a futuristic vessel that has landed there inviting customers into a unique experience. Unlike other typical shops, this contemporary beauty salon has no physical door or enclosure to welcome everyone in an inclusive way.

Breaking from the typical beauty salon layout, the sculptural structure hosting 7 private treatment rooms sits in the middle of the unit. It forms naturally a continuous passageway snaking around its perimeter dedicated for a museum-like Wall of Fame. Customers are brought though the success story of the brands started 12 years ago with their witty and memorable campaigns and products display. Taking benefits from its triangulated skin, semi-opened niches along The Jewel Box incorporate modular loose furniture to be easily arranged for private beauty consultation.

By opposition to the UFO-like exterior, each room offers a unique classy atmosphere with Renaissance illustration. Walls and ceiling are continuous for a relaxed, cosy and intimate capsule. Spending most of the time lying horizontally, detailed graphics entertain the customer and complement the experienced treatment.

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