Pavilion Exhibition Design


Curation Booth Design, Spatial Planning, Wayfinding


Marina Bay Sands Expo Convention Centre, Singapore


Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC)
Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)


09/2021 – 07/2022


426 sqm




Yann Follain
2022: Michel Sim, Ezri Kwek
2020: Michelle Gouw and Dan Chan

Photographer’s Credit

Fabian Ong

A Resilient, Restorative, and Sustainable Exhibition

The World Cities Summit Pavilion is the highlight of the visitor’s experience, branding itself as an exemplary architectural feature that is structurally environmental friendly, recyclable, and visually aesthetical in reflecting the World Cities Summit theme/ narrative.

Venturing into nature’s backyard to develop the biophilic design of “The Blooming Garden”, which guides the Singapore Pavilion’s form, spatial transitions and the relationship between interacting elements to cohesively map a visitor’s journey. The Singapore Pavilion’s design language is inspired by the way plant cells multiply. Its resiliency, restorative and regenerative processes greatly align with the World Cities Summit’s theme and purpose, as well as the Centre for Liveable Cities’ mission – to distil, create and share knowledge on liveable and sustainable cities. Individual interlocking stacks, varying in scale, draw parallel to the agencies’ diversity, united by a common goal to advance upwards.