Interactive Heritage Quiz




National Museum Singapore




Yann Follain, Catherine Ng

aMUSEme” is an innovative solution that overcomes the barriers caused by the pandemic

Art institutions such as museums were forced to be closed to minimize the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. Visitors are now confined by the walls of their homes and digitalization became the only way of remaining connected. Given that art institutions operated in a traditional manner, and relied heavily on tourism for their visitorship and revenue, it posed a global issue that necessitated change.

With no signs of immediate recovery from the situation, the digitalized solution conceived covers all grounds, including a re-imagined post-pandemic cultural journey, and anticipates “what if”s for one of Singapore’s main museums – the National Museum Singapore.

The conceived quiz is designed with the current savvy generation in mind. It successfully fuses both online and offline engagement for an intimate cultural experience. Its sole reliance on the user’s interaction makes it highly personalized and engaging. Furthering the impact is the deployment of a personality quiz structure in the shoes of a user-selected heritage icon.

Potential time lags and human errors are eliminated through the employment of a chatbot. This relieves both the human and financial burden. Instantaneous answers are delivered in a succinct and emotive manner through multiple-choice questions.

Through contemporary approaches, this innovative solution re-imagines the experiential value that art institutions such as museums offer, and value-adds the functionality of wayfinding all within the palm of the hand.