Private commission


National Gallery Singapore, Singapore


1,100 sqm


Exhibition and Installation design


National Gallery Singapore


11/2019 – 10/2020


Yann Follain, Jaime Ding, Michel Sim

Photographer’s Credit

National Gallery Singapore, featuring An Artist Tropical Landscape, 2020

Larger than Life

Part of the second edition of National Gallery Singapore’s biennial children’s festival Small Big Dreamers, An Artist’s Tropical Landscape inspired by Georgette Chen invites you into the larger than life world of iconic tropical fruits.

Adapted in response to its extraordinary times, An Artist’s Tropical Landscape embodies a re-imagining of interactive exhibition experiences, that retains all the adventure and excitement while ensuring the safety of the visitors are prioritised.

In five fun-filled activity stations, discover the principles of still-life and drawing techniques, learn about the rich and striking perspectives of Georgette Chen’s tropical fruits, and be inspired to create and display your own still-life artworks.

The spatial design approach aims to engage all of our senses. Visitors will discover the various sounds different tropical fruits may make, see and feel its striking colours and unique textures. These bright and striking shapes, colours and textures all around, will surely transport you into the world of Georgette’s canvas— to experience the wondrous fruits we are all so familiar with in entirely new ways.