Adaptive Reuse, Masterplanning


Bukit Timah Fire Station, Singapore


Homestead Holland pte ltd




8,308 sqm


Architecture: Provolk Architects
Community Programming and Engagement: WY-TO Singapore


Environmental Engineer: Building System Diagnostics (BSD)
Structural Engineer: Spectrum Structural Engineers
M&E Engineer: IEM Engineering Consultants
Quantity Surveyor: BKG Consultants
Landscape Architects: Land Design ONE
Conservation Specialist: Studio Lapis
Place-makers: Shophouse & Co
Seed Farm: The Farmers



Influencing mindsets through the “Virtuous Food Cycle”

Good Food, Good Life” is an adaptive reuse project that reevaluates modern capitalistic goals and advocates circularity and inclusivity through the “Virtuous Food Cycle” concept. Designed in alignment with C40’s design priorities for the 10 climate challenges, it re-introduces Nature as an integral Partner in the kindred friendly recreational node. Each planned intervention builds on a flexible structure that will equalize and manage the connection of Heritage, People and Planet for a sustainably efficient and unprejudiced environment.

Strategically located in the convergence of islandwide nature and adventure routes, such as the 24km-long Rail Corridor (aka ‘Green Corridor’), and the 36km-long Coast-to Coast Central Trail, the fire station will establish as a link to the city’s nature and reserves and parks, The strategy design considers its close proximity to key heritage icons: Ford Factory and Bukit Batok Memorial, and accounts for an enriching cultural experience reflecting the station’s history for the multi-faceted local community. The master plan has its sights set on integrating the thriving vegetation that hugs the currently underutilized compound. Layered hands-on programmes targeting responsible resource usage will root to inspire change in mindsets. The car-lite site will encourage slow mobility such as pedestrianizing to mitigate any carbon emissions on grounds and ultimately advance towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle destination.

“Communi-Trail”, a food sustainability programme, will delicately build on and enhance Singapore’s multi-ethnic community. The primary principles of the trail – Initiate, Transform, Share, Recover, will carry the Group’s philosophy “Design with A Cause” prominently. Everyone will be able to experiment with urban farming techniques in the allotment garden plots, harness the benefits of nature’s healing powers through well-being focused programmes.

In response to increasing climate temperatures, the exo-skeleton will spot vertical timber greenery facades on upper levels as a natural solution for thermal comfort and enhancing ventilation for quality breathable air, especially prevalent in endemic times. This Eco-conscious design provides practical functions, without adding unnecessary environmental stress from concrete construction.