Private Commission


Office Refurbishment


Cecil Street, Singapore


TE Asset Managers


09/2020 – 04/2022 (Phase 1 & 2)


255 sqm


Just Build Pte Ltd (Phase 1) / Core Building (Phase 2)




Yann Follain, Adam Yoon

Photographer’s Credit

Fabian Ong

The secret to new office beginnings

Rising trends in dynamic office spaces have signalled a contemporary shift in the manner Teams function in workplaces. Rather than cellular, collaborative spaces were this new generation of asset managers’ choice of environment. Through this, the resultant design places well-being in workspaces at centerstage.

The concept grew from distilling informal spatial and social characteristics found in casual settings for the overarching design atmosphere. In this ‘homely’ vein, the design is refreshed with flexible structures and an open floor plan. By using colours and materiality, the now singular primary area is divided into 2 main ambiences. At the centre of this mood convergence, sits 2 architectural glass boxes for the managers’ rooms. Varying with opacity and a playful hint of textures, they function to enhance the seamless transition of reception to hot-desking.

A monochromatic blue cabinetry spine stretches as the prominent continuity element. Within, private rooms are housed for considerate online discussions, as well as individual fully fitted and furnished pantry and bar to gather and host concurrently. In the same system, formalized rooms are intently placed at the ends with customed art-deco-inspired panels to section long corridors into smaller clusters for more support on the adaptability of spaces. This introduced agility also doubles up as a preventive response in anticipation of future pandemic challenges for the young ambitious Team.