Private Commision


Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia


Jaya Cemerlang Industry


1,000 sqm


07/2020 – 03/2021


Jaya Cemerlang Industry

An expression of legacy through design

Jaya Cemerlang Indusry sources timber such as mahogany, pine, rubber, and teak, to name a few, from Indonesia and process them into semi-finished materials. The family-owned business has provided its loyal clientele, mainly from Japan and Europe, with quality and sustainable products.

In unveiling the new warehouse, the design is kept simple and minimal to reflect its honest and personable approach to doing business. The brand’s key themes: “Connection, Enduring, Adaptability”, identified by WY-TO Group’s Visual Communication Team, are religiously revisited to ensure that the warehouse captures JCI’s core essence. Details ensued are intently designed to align the built structure with the refreshed JCI identity. Each physical component was meticulously planned to conjoin into 1 reliable structure, while selected materials were benchmarked against the brand’s solid reputation of being trustworthy no matter the circumstances. The resultant is a building product that like its owner, conveys sincerity and reliability in becoming a collaborator in any dealings.

The facade kept its initial practical shape while each new intervention considers how it contributed to the quality of space within. The previous dull and closed-off interior made way for an airy and bright atmosphere with the introduction of more ventilation windows. These windows have the option of being fully concealed to protect the materials during the wet extremes of the tropical climate. Employees can now enjoy an enhanced circulation of air and maintain better connectivity with the outdoor environment in a space that occupies a significant aspect of their day-to-day.

By clearly defining the design of the built structure closely with the rebranding, JCI successfully narrates its business legacy in a modern manner that reflects its adaptability for future growth.