Closed Tender – arrived 2nd


Theming, exhibit, interpretive design & wayfinding


The New Bird Park, Singapore


Mandai Park Development


08/2017 – 02/2018




Theming, Exhibit, Graphic design: WY-TO
Interpretive planning & Content Development: LORD CULTURAL RESOURCES
Lighting: NIPEK
Acoustics consultant: ACVIRON
Project Managers: KALOS
Quantity Surveyor: WT PARTNERSHIP

The new Bird Park will inspire, engage and entertain visitors, and provide an incredible resource for those looking to deepen their knowledge of birds, nature and biodiversity, as well as conservation issues.

The new Bird Park will build upon the legacy of the Jurong Bird Park. It will collect, research, conserve, protect, interpret and offer a home to a myriad of avian species, while preserving the existing flora and fauna on site. It will do so through its highly immersive environments and exhibits, innovative events and public learning programs, community engagement initiatives and its leading Conservation Research facility and program.
The new Bird Park is envisioned:
• To be a place of colour and joy for Singaporeans, residents and tourists
• To have a collection of birds unlike any other in the World
• To create an immersive experience for all ages, inviting visitors to discover and explore the science of ornithology through highly enjoyable experiences
• To be a global leader in conservation
• To inspire all generations to appreciate, value and respect nature and biodiversity


Building upon the vision for the bird park and the penguin building, as well as the existing master plan, the visiting experience will:
• Place the beautiful and very charismatic penguins at the forefront of the visiting experience while recognizing that their well-being is of paramount importance
• Be powerful and original, relying on a wide range of carefully selected media and sensorial modalities
• Explore new ways of communicating a topic
• Make use of and be relevant to visitors’ knowledge and experiences
• Engage with and make accessible to all audiences that include children, families and visitors with special needs
• Seek to activate the park and visitors ‘soft power’ – raising awareness of the alarming conservation status of penguins and their ecosystems, encouraging audiences to contribute and make a difference and eventually establishing the facility as a major player in conservation, in and ex situ.