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Festival curation, design and wayfinding


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Gardens by the Bay


07/2017 – 10/2017





Visitors have the choice to learn about those things they are naturally drawn to… taking away something valuable from the festival experience.

Mother Earth Festival is a one-of-its-kind garden festival, and one with a worthy cause. Presented through the elements of air, water and earth, the Festival offers an immersive experience designed for play, adventure, learning and stewardship.

Set in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, itself a perfect blend of nature and technology, Mother Earth Festival welcomes children, families, the eco lover, the art aficionado, the tech enthusiast or anyone who relishes that oneness with nature and science. Highly educational, deep in advocacy yet full of wonderment, Mother Earth Festival promises to rekindle an appreciation for nature’s bountiful endowment.

The overall visitor experience aims to creatively tell the Gardens’ story of sustainability and the many ways we can live wisely to maintain environmental integrity. Through sensorial experiences, visitors can better understand the principles of recycling and how each one of us can bring about positive impact on a daily basis.

While the festival’s interpretive planning focuses on children of all ages as the key target segment, the experience of adults will be no less innovative. Visitors are able to embark on their own journey of discovery either with recommended pathways or to curate their experience with interactive installations, workshops, shows and the many available activities. Through the use of the natural elements of air, water and earth, visitors can drift, flow or blaze through a playground of myriad learning experiences.